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«Mankind still remains in its “infancy”. No more than dozens of thousands of years separate us from our primitive state and only a few hundred years passed since natural science began to take off as a science per se. Human knowledge, culture and wisdom will be continuously developing and improving. The point is that this modern, yet “childish” stage would not bring the mankind to making some irreparable mistakes.»

The Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry,

Academician N.N. Semenov


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Chemical Safety Science is an open access academic online periodical aimed at:

  • prompt dissemination of information in the field of chemical safety in Russia and other countries,
  • coverage of scientific, technical and industrial problems in the above field,
  • reporting on recent advances of modern science and technology,
  • discussing new results of fundamental and applied research in the field of chemical safety and protection of human health and environment from exposure to hazardous chemical factors.

Chemical Safety Science is a scientific research information and analytical peer-reviewed periodical that provides scientists, postgraduates, doctoral candidates, undergraduates, bachelors, job seekers, young professionals, etc. with the opportunity to publish the results of their scientific research in the following key areas:

  • International cooperation on environment protection from hazardous chemicals
  • General issues falling within the scope of chemical safety. Russian Federation state policy, federal programs, legislative, regulatory and administrative measures for ensuring chemical safety.
  • International standards and certificates on chemical safety.
  • Chemical hazard sources. Toxic chemicals, emergency and hazardous chemical substances. Hazardous chemical objects. Technologies for elimination of chemical hazards.
  • Chemical hazard assessment and risk modeling. Chemical accident/incident prevention.
  • Methods and tools for indication and identification of hazardous chemicals and mixtures thereof in environmental objects. Monitoring soil, air, and water status.
  • Technologies, procedures and means for creating materials aimed at technical protection, prevention and remediation of chemical contamination consequences. Impact of hazardous chemicals on human health.
  • Alternative energy sources for reducing dependence on fossil fuels.
  • Atmospheric pollution.
  • Green technologies.
  • Chemical safety of agriculture and food industry.
  • Environmental hygiene.
  • Utilization and biodegradation of hazardous wastes.
  • Safe handling of nanosized materials.
  • Import substitution in the field of chemical technology.
  • Background information. Conferences, symposia, meetings, reviews, books, standards, etc.

Publication frequency — 2 issues per year

Chemical Safety Science is registered as a mass media entity with the Registration Certificate of EL No. FS 77-68305.

The journal is registered by the ISSN National Center with the assigned International Standard Serial Number (ISSN)             of 2541-9811.

According to the agreement with the Scientific Electronic Library (E-library) dated from 09.06.2017 № 263-06/2017, all the issues of the journal will be available on the integrated scientific information portal eLIBRARY.RU and also, according to the Regulation Rules, the contents of the journal will be included into the database of the Russian Scientific Citation Index (RSCI).