Chemical Safety Science, 2018, Volume 2, No 2, p. 158 -172


Technologies for the elimination of chemical hazards


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DOI: 10.25514/CHS.2018.2.14101



A. V. Koshelev1,2*, E. V. Skidanov2, and E. I. Tikhomirova1

1Yuri Gagarin State Technical University of Saratov, Saratov, Russia,

2LLC “LISSKON”, Saratov, Russia

Received November 30, 2018

Published December 26, 2018

Abstract – Results are presented for investigating mineralogical, granulometric and chemical composition of averaged samples of glauconite sands from local deposits: Belozerskoe (Saratov region), Bondarevskoe (Tambov region), Karinskoe (Chelyabinsk region), and bentonite clay samples from Dash-Salahlinsk deposit. It is shown that the average glauconite content in the raw material falls in the range from 30% to 50%. Efficient adsorbents have been obtained by adding bentonite to the glauconite clay. The approach is proposed for estimating adsorption characteristics of the examined systems in ion exchange conditions. Technological aspects of preparing adsorbent granules are described for glauconite from Belozerskoe deposit (Saratov region) and bentonite clay from Dash-Salakhlinsk deposit. The results are given for studying sorbent surface morphology and determining specific surface area, porosity, pore volume and their size distribution, chemical and mechanical resistance in terms of grindability and abrasion capacity of granules. The sorbent adsorption properties are evaluated in static conditions towards various chemical elements and substances. The prospects for using the obtained sorbents for water purification purposes are substantiated.

 Keywords: aluminosilicates, glauconite, bentonite, montmorrilonite, physical and chemical properties, sorbents, granulation technology.


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