Chemical Safety Science, 2018, Volume 2, No 2, p. 212 — 228


Technologies, methods and means of protection


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DOI: 10.25514/CHS.2018.2.14118




 A. Z. Ponizovsky*, S. G. Gosteev, O. S. Kuzhel’, and A. A. Smirnov

Affiliated Branch of Joint-Stock Company “United Engine Corporation”

“Horizont” Design and Engineering Bureau, Dzerzhinsky, Moscow region, Russia,

Received October 16, 2018

Published December 26, 2018

Abstract – Industrial installations for air purification from environmentally harmful gaseous emissions are described, the principle of action of the installations is based on using low-temperature non-equilibrium gas-discharge plasma. By applying this technology, Design and Engineering Bureau “Horizont” has been serially manufacturing a line of modular industrial units for air cleaning under the trademark “Korona” operating with a capacity in the range of (1–15)·103 m3/hours, in the last 5 years. Physical operation principles of this equipment are given. The design of installations and their technical and economic parameters are considered. The results of purification of exhaust gases from a variety of industrial and municipal enterprises are presented, confirming the effectiveness of this technology for cleaning emissions of sewage pumping stations and large-scale sewage treatment plants from odors and fine mist. Possible ways of optimization of the equipment work and promising trends of its usage are proposed.

Keywords: low temperature plasma, air purification, pulsed high-voltage equipment.


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