Chemical Safety Science, 2018, Volume 2, No 2, p. 323 — 335


General information on chemical safety


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DOI: 10.25514/CHS.2018.2.14126



Yu. Yu. Posysaev, A. O. Yaroslavtseva, D. B. Karimova*M.S. Skonechnyy, and A. A. Alekseeva

International Sustainable Energy Development Centre under the auspices of UNESCO, Moscow, Russia

Received July 02, 2018

Published December 26, 2018

Abstract – A summary of results of comprehensive research and development work aimed at creating a software and hardware complex of Information Analysis System ensuring safe functioning of chemical industry is presented. The article describes the organizational and functional structure of the system. The implementation of the developed system will improve management performance in the field of ensuring both industrial safety and environmental protection along with mitigation of risks associated with material and environmental damage through increasing the immediacy of warnings referring to occurrence of accidents and emergency situations.

Keywords: chemical industry, information analysis system, safe functioning, software and hardware complex.


1. Fundamentals of the State Policy in the Field of Ensuring Chemical and Biological Safety of the Russian Federation for the Period up to 2015 and beyond. Approved by the Order of the President of the Russian Federation on 01.11.2013, No. Pr-2573 [in Russian].
2. National System of Chemical and Biological Safety of the Russian Federation for the Period 2015-2020. Federal Target Program. Approved by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of April 28, 2015, No. 418 [in Russian].